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Spanish Audiobook Production with Jorge Reyes

Almost 9 years ago, I was introduced to the audiobook world by Bob and Debra Deyan. They had always wanted to produce Spanish audiobooks and offered to train me to be their Spanish producer.

Bob and Debra graciously took me under their wing and shared all of their knowledge, expertly teaching me every aspect of this art form: editing, casting, recording, directing, producing, etc. They wanted me to learn everything they knew and to translate their 20+ years of experience into the production of Spanish audiobooks. 

Together, we’ve curated a fantastic TEAM of Spanish speaking directors, editors, and proofers who support our ever-evolving and growing TALENT pool. 

We are consistently amazed at the immense quality of Spanish VO actors we are currently working with, some of whom have always wanted to do audiobooks and have great experience in some other areas like theatre, TV, and dubbing.

We understand that casting the right narrator for each project is key. We keep an open mind to our international talent and we don’t limit ourselves only to our great local actors. We have recently worked remotely with studios in countries like Chile and Guatemala with great results.

We’re committed to finding the right voice for our next book anywhere in the world.

Today, I’m very happy to have produced and directed some of the most important Spanish audiobooks published to date. 

The learning is endless, but I’m thrilled to continue this journey and help create THE BEST Spanish audiobooks. 

Jorge Reyes - Spanish Producer

Jorge Reyes - Spanish Producer