ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - 2018

On Thursday, August 9th, Deyan Audio hosted our fifth annual Ice Bucket Challenge at our Northridge location. Our staff and several wonderful narrators were able to join us :)

Photos Courtesy of Elsie Rose Photography - @elsierosephotography

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge remains one of the most effective fundraising campaigns in the battle against this terrible disease. Over $100 million has been raised through this initiative and remarkable breakthroughs have been made in our understanding of what causes ALS because of it. 

Deyan Audio hosts an Ice Bucket Challenge event every year in honor of Bob Deyan, our founder and all-around amazing man. We lost him to ALS several years ago and it is our hope that we will soon be living in a world where no one has to suffer through the awful experience of losing a loved one to this disease.

If you'd like to contribute, donations of any size are appreciated and can be made at this link, in memory of Bob. You can also join the "Billion for Bob" team for the upcoming Walk to Defeat ALS, happening on November 4, 2018 at Exposition Park (in LA) and many other locations around the country.

A note from Debra Deyan:

Another year is upon us and we are still battling ALS. My dear Bob – some of you knew him, and some of you only heard stories of the wonderful, humorous, loving man he was – remains alive in my heart! 

This awful disease that ravaged him is still destroying the lives of countless people throughout the world. It saddens me to know how many wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, and friends have to watch a loved one battle ALS, as I did with Bob, or happen to be that person battling ALS. I know, many of you were right there with Bob and me through his struggle and I will never forget the love you showed us.

Thank you, and onwards to a cure!

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